Biography Lee Boonstra

Applied AI Engineer and Senior Developer Advocate @ Google
(for Conversational AI; Dialogflow, CCAI & Speech Technology)

Lee Boonstra is a Conversational AI Senior Developer Advocate at Google. In this role she is focusing on Dialogflow, Contact Center AI & Speech technology. She is based in Amsterdam, and an O’Reilly published author.

She has been working with different technologies in the past 15 years, ranging from Web/Mobile Technology, Ext JS, Sencha Touch, Node.js, Conversational AI, Dialogflow, Actions on Google and Contact Centers.

Over the years she has helped many brands & enterprises to build and deploy Conversational AI solutions (chatbots and voice assistants) at enterprise scale. She’s worn different hats from engineer to technical trainer to sales engineer to Developer Advocate.

Prior to Google, Lee worked at Sencha Inc. and wrote a book for O’Reilly Hands-on Sencha Touch 2.

Lee has a bachelor’s degree in arts & technology.

What is a Developer Advocate?

TL;DR: A developer advocate is a developer’s best friend!

A Developer Advocate’s role is to act as a bridge between the engineering team and the developer community. Their job is to give feedback to both parties, equally, in both ways.

Also, a Developer Advocate is an engineer who has good communication and community-building skills. The responsibilities of the role typically are some or all of the following: public speaking, writing public open source code, writing articles and creating (video) content.

With other words; A Developer Advocate is someone who truly advocates for developers, not just a platform.

“Every presentation needs a live demo! I’m an engineer and I love to show what I have built!”

Speaking & Article Topics

I love technology, especially Chatbots, Customer Care & Web, and I love writing and speaking about it!

Topics include: Dialogflow, Chatbots, Customer Care, The Future of the Contact Center (CCAI), Machine Learning for Developers, Diversity, LGBTQ+, Women in Tech, AI for Financials

“I love creating, instead of just consuming technology.”

Beside technology I love (alternative) music, concerts and I’m a videogames addict.

Disclaimer: The opinions stated here are my own, not those of my company. - © 2020 Lee Boonstra