Dialogflow CX Competition — Learn Dialogflow CX & Design Open-Source Components

Since we can’t run any Dialogflow community in-person events this year, we came up with another great community activity! A designer & developer (learning) competition! Get trained in Dialogflow CX, get a free t-shirt and work on open-source components.

Google Cloud recently released Dialogflow CX, a bot-building platform for building chatbots and telephony agents. It empowers your team to accelerate creating enterprise-level conversational experiences through a visual bot builder and an advanced NLU.

To have a reason to play around with the tool, you can join the competition. Developers and UX Designers can register from July the 12th, by visiting the event website:


Free Dialogflow CX Training Course

Everyone that signs up, will be enrolled in a free Dialogflow CX Qwiklabs course. You will be able to learn how to design conversational flows and how you can build integrations. This online course has been developed by Google, and is highly recommended as a training resource.


From the 27th of July, you will be invited back to the event website, here you will be able to enter your registration details. The first 200 participants that enter their information will receive a free Dialogflow CX t-shirt!

Competition Schedule

As part of the competition, you will pick one of the following tracks:

  • UX Designers: Design a conversational flow

    Design a Dialogflow CX flow/conversation for building a text chatbot for COVID-19. It could be a vaccination scheduler, could be an FAQ, Could be a bot on where you are allowed to travel to, etc.

  • Bot Developers: Build an integration

    Use the Dialogflow CX API (REST, gRPC, or Client libraries) to build a cool integration. For example, to integrate a chatbot in a website or Blog, WhatsApp, CRM, CMS, Mobile, etc...

Lastly, you will write a short proposal, between 300 to 600 words on what your idea is, to build for the open-source community. For example, share why you think your idea is great or unique. In case of writing a flow, what kind of questions end-users could ask, and in case of building an integration, how you would build it. Will this idea run in a text chatbot, smart speaker or contact center? Etc.
The Google judges team will shortlist the 50 best entries, so please make sure your idea is detailed enough.


From the 9th of August, Google will nominate the 50 best ideas. We will contact you, and ask you to start developing your flow or integration. You will have to submit an URL to your Github repository, which should contain an Apache 2 open-source license. Your Github repo is where you will upload your code or export your flow (blob export) before August the 31st.

As a new Dialogflow CX user you will receive a $600 credit for a free trial of Dialogflow CX, which is more than enough to start developing your solutions for the competition.

All open-source contributions will be shared with the community via the Dialogflow Docs website, and promoted by Google through social media. This is your chance to share your solution with the world!


A team of Google engineers will judge your working code and pick a total of 10 winners. We will look to see if your solution runs, if it contains setup instructions, how well it’s executed, how useful, and how creative and unique your idea is.

Win cool prizes!

You can win cool prizes (like Lego boxes and Google Assistant devices) and every winner will receive the book: The Definitive Guide to Conversational AI with Dialogflow and Google Cloud written by me.

The winners will be contacted and featured on the Google event and Dialogflow Docs website.

Always wanted to dive into Dialogflow CX? Register now on the event website, you will be enrolled in the free Dialogflow CX training course, and from the 27th of July you can start submitting your chatbot / voice bot proposal.

Good luck and have fun!


Prizes Track 1: Design a Conversational Flow
Prizes Track 2: Build a Dialogflow CX integration

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