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Welcome to my conversational AI developer blog. As a developer advocate for Google, I'm the bridge between Google's engineering team and you; chatbot developers, UI/UX designers, conversational experts, linguists, and contact center engineers.

—Lee Boonstra, www.leeboonstra.dev

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The Definitive Guide to Conversational AI with Dialogflow and Google Cloud
Written by an expert Google developer advocate who works closely with the Dialogflow product team.

Build enterprise chatbots for web, social media, voice assistants, IoT, and telephony contact centers with Google’s Dialogflow conversational AI technology. This book will explain how to get started with conversational AI using Google and how enterprise users can use Dialogflow as part of Google Cloud Platform. It will cover the core concepts such as Dialogflow essentials, deploying chatbots on web and social media channels, and building voice agents including advanced tips and tricks such as intents, entities, and working with context.

The Definitive Guide to Conversational AI with Dialogflow and Google Cloud Platform also explains how to build multilingual chatbots, orchestrate sub chatbots into a bigger conversational platform, use virtual agent analytics with popular tools, such as BigQuery or Chatbase, and build voice bots. It concludes with coverage of more advanced use cases, such as building fulfillment functionality, building your own integrations, securing your chatbots, and building your own voice platform with the Dialogflow SDK and other Google Cloud machine learning APIs.

After reading this book, you will understand how to build cross-channel enterprise bots with popular Google tools such as Dialogflow, Google Cloud AI, Cloud Run, Cloud Functions, and Chatbase.

The Definitive Guide to Conversational AI with Dialogflow and Google Cloud

Find on Apress. ISBN 978-1-4842-7014-1 & ISBN 978-1-4842-7013-4

​​What You Will Learn

  • Discover the different conversational AI tools offered by Google
  • Work with Dialogflow and Contact Center AI
  • Create Dialogflow projects for individuals and for enterprise usage
  • Secure your chatbots on Google Cloud Platform with Compute, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Run
  • Build webhook fulfillments
  • Integrate your virtual agent with your own web and voice platforms

Who This Book Is For

Everyone who is interested in building chatbots for the web, social media, voice assistants, or contact centers.

FWW: All royalities of my book, will go to charity; “Stichting Meer Dan Gewenst”.

Lee Boonstra

Lee Boonstra

Lee Boonstra is a conversational AI developer advocate and applied AI engineer at Google. In this role, she is focusing on Dialogflow, Contact Center AI & Speech technology. She is a public speaker and a published author.

Lee Boonstra

Lee wrote a book for O’Reilly: Hands-on Sencha Touch 2 and lately: the Definitive Guide to Conversational AI with Dialogflow and Google Cloud for Apress.

Lee lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is a rainbow mommy.

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