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Welcome to my conversational AI engineering blog. As a SWE and advocate for Google, I build a lot of cool stuff, and I'm the bridge between Google's engineering team and you; chatbot developers, UI/UX designers, conversational experts, linguists, and contact center engineers.

—Lee Boonstra, www.leeboonstra.dev

CCaaS Hands-on Demo of CCAI Platform

Are you super excited about our latest announcement about our new Contact Center AI Platform (CCaaS) created in partnership with ujet.cx Were you not able to make it to Enterprise Connect and sad you missed our booth? I created a hands-on demo of CCAI platform so everyone can see it in action - whether you’re at the conference or not!

Check it out here and let me know what you think!

Lee Boonstra

Lee Boonstra

Lee Boonstra is a software engineer and advocate for the Cloud office of the CTO at Google, a diverse team of highly experienced engineers and technologists, working on behalf of the Cloud CEO, whose mission is to foster market-disrupting collaborative innovation between Google and the world's most ambitious organizations. Expertise in AI & Voice, Lee is a public speaker and a published author for O'Reilly and Apress.

Lee Boonstra

Lee wrote a book for O’Reilly: Hands-on Sencha Touch 2 and lately: the Definitive Guide to Conversational AI with Dialogflow and Google Cloud for Apress.

Lee lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is a rainbow mommy.

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