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How Do LLMs Really Work? @DevWorld 2024

A non-technical explanation of the inner workings of Generative AI
Everyone is talking about it: Generative AI and Large Language Models. To really understand what you can do with them, how to refine them for your own use, but also what the dangers are, it helps to understand how these models work.

LLMs are trained on massive datasets of text and code, and can generate text, translate languages, write different kinds of creative content, and answer your questions in an informative way.

In this talk, Lee Boonstra, Software Engineer Tech Lead and advocate will provide a beginner’s guide to LLMs and generative AI technology. She explains what these technologies are, how they work, and what they can be used for. Let’s be honest and also discuss the potential risks and benefits of these technologies, and how we can ensure that they are used for good and not for harm.

Lee Boonstra

Lee Boonstra

Lee Boonstra (they/them) has been a presence in the tech world since 2007, wearing many hats from software engineer to prompt engineer, web developer to technical trainer, and developer advocate.

With eight years of experience at Google under their belt, they now hold the role of SWE Tech Lead at the Google Cloud office of the CTO. Leading innovation projects, Lee aims to disrupt markets and foster collaboration globally. Their expertise in Conversational and Voice technology, alongside (Generative) AI, has led to recognition as a respected public keynote speaker and published author for O’Reilly and Apress. Lee eases tech headaches and celebrates those light bulb moments.

Lee Boonstra

Lee wrote a book for O’Reilly: Hands-on Sencha Touch 2 and lately: the Definitive Guide to Conversational AI with Dialogflow and Google Cloud for Apress.

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