Improve Your Customer Care by Building an AI Bot Platform

Type: Keynote / Breakout Talk
Time: 25min - 50min
Level: Beginners
Audience: Decision makers, Conversational AI practitioners, Developers

Did you know, you can trim your business cost massively, by implementing bots? According to Juniper Research, enterprises can trim their business cost by more than 8 billion! Does this sound like magic to you? The key is, to build an AI platform which can support bots for various channels, which includes voice assistance and contact centers!

During this session, Developer Advocate, for Conversational AI; Lee Boonstra, will show you how you can integrate AI and bot technology. A session with live demos for websites, social media, Google Assistant; and Contact Centers. Learn how voice will impact the near future!

Disclaimer: The opinions stated here are my own, not those of my company. - 2022 ® Lee Boonstra