Work Smarter With Chatbots & Hangouts Chatrooms

Type: Keynote / Breakout Talk
Time: 25min - 45min
Level: Beginner
Audience: Decision makers, Developers, Industry Analyst

Chatbots and Assistants, distractions or the next way to boost your employees’ productivity? Do you wish you could make automating workflows as seamless as having a conversation? Complete tasks and work with data smarter by bringing AI into the office. Build rich, conversational experiences by leveraging Hangouts Chatbots.

You can bring AI/ML to all your employees to enable their productivity with the platforms they’re already using whether it is via text or audio for employees on the field and on the go.

In this session we’ll briefly introduce the technologies involved and then dive into some demos that show how to put it all together. By leveraging Google Cloud Platform and G Suite you can glue together your internal systems and 3rd party services. We’ll show you examples like an HR system for searching information in employee files, fulfillment requests, and more!

Disclaimer: The opinions stated here are my own, not those of my company. - 2022 ® Lee Boonstra