What Is Dialogflow CX?

on by Lee Boonstra in FAQs

Dialogflow CX is a bot builder platform which empowers your team to accelerate creating enterprise-level conversational experiences through visual bot builders, reusable intents, and the ability to address multi-turn conversations.

It allows you to quickly create agents with:

  • Large and complex flows. Think of giant agent implementations with hundreds or thousands of intents.
  • More than three turn-taking turns (keeping context) and conversations that branch off from each other in various outcomes.
  • Repeatable dialogue parts in the flow (Think of a login feature, saying yes/no to questions, etc.)
  • Understanding the intent and context of a long utterances.
  • Working with teams collaborating on large implementations.
  • Native Contact Center features such as DTMF, one-click telephony partner integration, barge-in, live agent hand-off.
  • Agents were additional languages, and regionalization (for example GDPR) are important.
  • Flows with various outcomes and repeatable parts. For example, filing taxes. Usually this requires you to fill out lots of forms, where questions jump to each other. - If you would build a chatbot for this use-case, Dialogflow CX would be great for this, because of the reusable flows, intents and branching of answers.

For more information see: https://www.leeboonstra.dev/chatbots/dialogflow-cx-introduction/

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