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Welcome to my conversational AI engineering blog. As a SWE and advocate for Google, I build a lot of cool stuff, and I'm the bridge between Google's engineering team and you; chatbot developers, UI/UX designers, conversational experts, linguists, and contact center engineers.

—Lee Boonstra, www.leeboonstra.dev
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CCAI Insights Demo by Lee Boonstra, Contac...

With Contact Center AI Insights, business stakeholders and QA compliance teams can analyze and monitor customer service interactions and patterns in their contact center data.

It gives businesses insights into the topics that are being discussed by their end-users. You can monitor how those conversations have been handled by the service agent through transcripts, caller sentiment detection, silence detection, entity identification, and topic modeling.

CCAI Insights is a core piece of the Google Contact Center AI product suite that enables Contact Center management to make data driven business decisions and improve customer experience.

Lee Boonstra

Lee Boonstra

Lee Boonstra is a software engineer and advocate for the Cloud office of the CTO at Google, a diverse team of highly experienced engineers and technologists, working on behalf of the Cloud CEO, whose mission is to foster market-disrupting collaborative innovation between Google and the world's most ambitious organizations. Expertise in AI & Voice, Lee is a public speaker and a published author for O'Reilly and Apress.

Lee Boonstra

Lee wrote a book for O’Reilly: Hands-on Sencha Touch 2 and lately: the Definitive Guide to Conversational AI with Dialogflow and Google Cloud for Apress.

Lee lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is a rainbow mommy.

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Get started with Dialogflow & Contact Cent...

Google ConversationalAI expert Lee Boonstra explains how to build Enterprise Chatbots and Tele...

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Lee @ De Dataloog (Dutch) Podcast - Cloud ...

De Dataloog podcast interviewed me at the Google Cloud Summit 2019 in Amsterdam RAI.

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Hoe voice de verzekeringswereld verandert....

A few weeks ago I recorded a (Dutch) video/webinar together with Continue Reading

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