How Does Pricing Work for Dialogflow CX?

on by Lee Boonstra in FAQs

With Dialogflow CX, you pay per session. A session is a conversation between an end-user and a Dialogflow agent. A session remains active, and its data is stored for 30 minutes after the last request is sent for the session. A session can be either a chat session or a voice session.

The pricing seems expensive, but if you consider that you don’t need a team of developers solving complex problems in fulfillment webhooks to facilitate large enterprise-scale bots plus, you don’t need to pay extra for all additional features; Enterprise customers actually might be better off by using Dialogflow CX.

Besides, each new user will receive a $600 credit for a free trial of Dialogflow CX. This credit is automatically activated upon using Dialogflow CX for the first time and expires after 12 months. This is a Dialogflow-specific extension of the Google Cloud free trial; this should be more than enough to play around with the tool and get started!

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