I get tons of questions about Dialogflow each day. Here are some of these answered!

How Does Pricing Work for Dialogflow CX?

With Dialogflow CX, you pay per session. A session is a conversation between an end-user and a Dialogflow agent. A session remains active, and its data is stored for 30 minutes after the last request is sent for the session. A session can be either a chat session or a voice session.

How Does Pricing Work for Dialogflow Essentials?

Dialogflow Essentials has a free trial. The pay-as-you-go version is based on the number of requests you make, and you will have to pay extra for additional features such as sentiment analysis, knowledge bases, phone gateways, etc.

Is Dialogflow HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (known as HIPAA, as amended, including by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health — HITECH — Act), Google Cloud Platform supports HIPAA compliance, and so does Dialogflow Essentials pay as you go and Dialogflow CX.

When creating or updating Dialogflow Agents, be sure to avoid including PHI or security credentials anywhere in your agent definition, including Intents, Training Phrases and Entities.

You can read more about HIPAA compliance at: https://cloud.google.com/security/compliance/hipaa/

What Is Dialogflow CX?

Dialogflow CX is a bot builder platform which empowers your team to accelerate creating enterprise-level conversational experiences through visual bot builders, reusable intents, and the ability to address multi-turn conversations.

When Should I Use Dialogflow Essentials vs. Dialogflow CX?

When you are a freelancer, start-up, or small business, when you are building a single chat or voice bot, for example, for the Google Assistant or building an FAQ bot, Dialogflow Essentials might be a better choice for you. This tool is often chosen for its simplicity.

When to Use Dialogflow vs. Actions Builder?

With both Dialogflow and Actions Builder, you can build conversations for the Google Assistant. The main reason for choosing Dialogflow Essentials over Actions Builder is because Dialogflow ES is part of Google Cloud and comes with enterprise terms & conditions, SLA’s and support. When you want to build multi-channel virtual agents (bots that support Google Assistant and or social media chatbots), then Dialogflow Essentials is the tool you want to pick. Dialogflow ES has direct integration with the Actions on Google framework. Dialogflow is a mature tool, largely used by the community.

Actions Builder works best for simple use cases that let users get things done quickly. It has consumer terms and conditions.

Who Uses Dialogflow?

Companies using Google Dialogflow include: Verizon, CNBC, CNN, DPD, Giorgio Armani, Mercedes, Comcast, Ticketmaster, Wall Street Journal, Domino Pizza, Ubisoft, Best Buy, Easy Jet, KLM Royal Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, ING Bank and many more.

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